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Amazon is reported to be  planing to gear up its challenge to Apple Pay in the mobile-payments race with its own mobile wallet Amazon Pay. The e-commerce giant is working to... more

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The payments landscape has advanced by leaps and bounds over the past decade. Once seen as a mere extension of the IT department, forward-thinking payments leaders have realised that a... more

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China UnionPay, which in 2015 became the world’s biggest payment card issuer, has announced plans to launch UnionPay branded cards in the UK, a first step in a larger European... more

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Alternative payments methods such as mobile and digital wallets are steadily displacing traditional payment methods such as cards, bank transfers and cash/cheques in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) e-commerce market. GlobalData forecasts... more

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While the phrase ‘time is money’ may seem clichéd, it is becoming increasingly relevant as technology-savvy but busy consumers turn to the Internet and alternative payments to make shopping faster... more

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