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Nearly half (40%) of merchants are reporting a rise in friendly fraud over the past 12 months, but the majority are struggling to challenge Google Pay and Apple Pay chargebacks... more

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The sudden boom in e-commerce caused by government mandated social distancing and in-store business closures is already generating a sharp increase in fraud and chargebacks. “In the past few weeks,... more

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According to an article which first appeared in In Payments, Security is an ongoing concern for SMEs, especially when transactions are taking place via online channels, with customers and service... more

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Fraud and fighting fraudsters is a complex and ever-evolving challenge. As consumers change the way they pay, fraudsters change the way they steal. For banks to keep up, these new battles require new tactics to minimize losses and reassure consumers. The rapid adoption of contactless payment cards has given rise to one such ‘new battle’, [...]

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Chargebacks were a $31 billion problem in 2017 — a burden that extends far beyond the liability for disputed transactions. Complying with complex and arcane rules that vary across networks and transaction types shoulders merchants with a tremendous financial burden. Short deadlines challenge merchants’ ability to gather documentation and assess the best disputes to fight. [...]

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