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The countries of Europe are very different, but generally mature payments markets, with cards issued and acceptance networks continuously growing at a decent pace in recent years.

In certain markets card penetration has reached saturation point and with ATM terminal numbers falling, digital payments are transforming the payments landscape forever. However, transaction volumes continue to rise across the continent with certain hotspots still rising at over 20%.

The annual European Digital & Card Payment Yearbook report the similarities and differences in issuance and card use by country in Europe, including: acceptance networks, usage at ATM, POS, mobile commerce and internet payments across the European nations. It then investigates the power of digitalisation through initiatives like Open Banking and Digital wallets and the race for all countries to be onboard this trend and establish their systems to enable smooth domestic and increasingly important, cross-border payments.

The European Digital & Card Payment Yearbook is an invaluable tool for national central banks, commercial banks, non-bank payment companies, PSP's, payment processors, merchant acquirers, FinTech development strategists, management consultants and all other key industry players.

The high-quality market data is essential for strategic planning and informed decision making. The scheme-level market data allows for competitive benchmarking at a country and regional level, and helps identify market trends and growth opportunities.

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