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Payments is vast, growing and ever-changing. To survive and thrive in this challenging, but opportunity-packed sector, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of developing trends, technologies and high-impact initiatives.

Payments, Cards & Mobile cuts through the noise to bring you hand-picked headline stories, valuable research and practical debate on the industry topics that matter most.

PCM’s high calibre writers and researchers have years’ of hands-on experience across the payments, banking, FinTech and retail industries. This skilled team provide the perfect combination of expert journalism and industry analysis; getting to the heart of the issues shaping the future of payments.

Leveraging 18 years of data across 43 markets, our resources, expertise and approach make us the go-to market intelligence hub for senior payments professionals across the entire global ecosystem.

Published Titles

Payments Cards & Mobile magazine

Our flagship publication, Payments Cards & Mobile magazine is published six times per year in hard copy and online. We dig deep into stories and research key issues to bring our subscribers content of unmatched quality, detail and depth.

We avoid the noise created by ‘churn and burn’ journalism; bringing you only the best hand-picked headline stories, valuable research and practical analysis on the issues shaping the future of payments.



We also publish specialist supplements each year, in hard copy and as downloadable publications. Each supplement focuses on a key industry topic, exploring the relevant challenges, solutions, trends and impacts, to offer practical insight that helps payments companies shape their business roadmaps.

Payments Guide

Our annual guide to payments products and services spans the complete payments value chain – from issuing and acquiring, to emerging technology providers and specialist consultancy services.


PCM Research:

Payments Cards & Mobile Research offers a range of specialist industry research services and resources, including:

  • Our industry leading Payments Card Yearbooks containing detailed data and analysis on 43 countries in Europe and Eurasia 
  • Bespoke research projects on specialist topics and markets.
  • Commissioned whitepapers and insight reports.

PCM Consulting:

Payments Cards & Mobile has a long history in the banking, payments and FinTech sectors. We leverage this experience to help our clients navigate the key challenges and opportunities their businesses face.

Our clients include financial services companies, technology providers, telecomms operators, corporates, merchants and government organisations.

By bringing our unique expertise to both strategic and operational projects, we can make a powerful, positive difference to our clients’ futures.

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