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The following country profile, covering the payment cards business in Portugal, is drawn from the latest European Payment Cards Statistical Yearbook 2019-20, published in January 2020. The profile is available for download at a cost of £215.

Although the Portugal example illustrates the contents of a typical country profile, other profiles vary according to available sources and data:

  • Market overview
  • Key statistics
  • Banking sector
  • Significant events in Portuguese banking
  • Market infrastructure
  • Domestic payment system
  • Domestic interchange
  • Card processors
  • ATM and POS networks
  • Mobile payments
  • Contactless payments
  • E-commerce
  • Market size and dynamics
  • Payment card issuance
  • Payment card use
  • Card issuers
  • Consumer finance
  • Exchange rates

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Individual European country profiles available to purchase separately.