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Under the Payment Services Directive (EU) 2015/2366 (“PSD2”), an Account Servicing Payment Service Provider (“ASPSP”) must grant a Third Party Providers (“TPP”) direct access to certain payment accounts of the... more

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The Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) has announce the publication of the Open Banking Standards, version 3. This update builds significantly on the version of the Standards that launched in... more

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The European Banking Authority has published an Opinion on the implementation of the Regulatory Technical Standards on Strong Customer Authentication and common and secure communication. It has also published a... more

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The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) was adopted with payment innovation and safety to the fore. One of its purposes is to regulate at the European Union (EU) level practices and players currently unregulated in the EU. Among other things, PSD2 regulates the role of Payment Initiation Services (PIS) providers (PISPs). PISPs facilitate the use of online banking to [...]

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A group of influential European FinTech companies have come together as 56 companies and associations operating across all EU Member States and at a global level in the financial services space in a bid to reform the PSD2 implementation. The companies, in a Manifesto of objection, say they welcome the adoption of the amended Payment Services Directive [...]

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