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Visa has recently reported that the number of locations that accept EMV cards in the US has increased from 3.1 million to 3.7 million during H1 2019. In total, some... more

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In 2015, the US financial industry began a massive migration to the EMV standard in response to overwhelming levels of payment card fraud. The inherent security of EMV technology in... more

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As the one year anniversary of the US EMV migration shift to chip approaches new data has been released confirming the positive impact the technology is having on issuing banks and merchants. Chip Impact on Merchants The biggest benefit of chip technology is minimizing the cost of fraud caused, in part, by the use of [...]

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Mastercard announced that 80% of its US consumer credit cards have chips, representing an 88% increase in chip card adoption since the October 1, 2015 liability shift started to bring EMV-secured payments to the US. The company also sees 1.7 million chip-active merchant locations on its network, representing nearly 30% of the US merchant population [...]

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Kroger is to join Wal-Mart and sue Visa over debit-card PIN transactions, saying the payment network has levied fines against it and threatened to raise fees and cut off its acceptance of debit cards if the grocery chain doesn’t allow customers to verify purchases with a signature instead of a personal identification number. The lawsuit represents the [...]

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