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Consumer-merchant engagement is fundamentally changing, becoming more digital and more open. Shoppers from all age groups increasingly purchase goods and services at home, at work, or on the go, via eCommerce and mCommerce in lieu of buying from physical shops. Before purchase shoppers learn about products through online review sites and afterwards use social media [...]

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Payworks has launched Pulse, a next generation payment gateway technology, simplifiying in-person card payments by making it quick, easy and cost-efficient for developers to integrate card readers into their Point of Sale solutions, both in stationary and mobile environments. Customers using a payment solution powered by Pulse are able to pay using the latest payment [...]

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Proximity mobile payments in the US are set to ramp up aggressively. Transaction value will triple in 2016 due to a growing user base, broader merchant acceptance and the greater frequency of consumers using their phones to make point-of-sale payments on medium- and high-priced products. As the barriers to using mobile phones to make point-of-sale [...]

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Vodafone Wallet users will be able to pay for goods and services contactlessly using their MasterCard cards, with the service scheduled to launch to consumers in European markets within weeks. Contactless card payments using Vodafone Wallet require a Vodafone NFC SIM and are supported on more than 60 Android smartphones. Customers can simply: Activate the [...]

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