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Vodafone Wallet adds MasterCard

Vodafone Wallet adds MasterCard

Vodafone Wallet users will be able to pay for goods and services contactlessly using their MasterCard cards, with the service scheduled to launch to consumers in European markets within weeks.

Contactless card payments using Vodafone Wallet require a Vodafone NFC SIM and are supported on more

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Vodafone Wallet adds MasterCard

than 60 Android smartphones.

Customers can simply:

  • Activate the service by inputting their MasterCard card number into the Vodafone Wallet, where it is protected by the SIM and MasterCard SecureCode®;
  • Pay by tapping the smartphone on a contactless point-of-sale terminal; and
  • Check their balance and transactions using the app on the smartphone.
  • Payments are automatically charged to the selected cards, which are protected with a user-defined 4-digit PIN for higher value payments.

Mark Ritzmann, Head of mCommerce at Vodafone Group said: “We are delighted to enable MasterCard cards to be used contactlessly with Vodafone Wallet. Following our announcement earlier in 2015, MasterCard customers will also be able to add their cards and pay within minutes using our fast, secure and simple contactless payment system when it rolls out in the coming weeks.”

“MasterCard’s priority is to provide everyone with more options to pay with their mobile phone, securely and conveniently. With their MasterCard cards enabled in the Vodafone Wallet, consumers will be able to pay in a contactless manner at more than 3 million retail locations around the world,” continues David Dechamps, Head of Emerging Payments Europe at MasterCard.

Vodafone Wallet is currently available in Germany, Spain, the UK, Italy, The Netherlands and Hungary. Customers can already add loyalty cards into the Vodafone Wallet and since 2013 have used Vodafone SmartPass to pay for goods and services. This evolution of the Vodafone Wallet is part of the Vodafone mCommerce strategy designed to provide a mobile alternative to coins, banknotes and plastic cards.

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