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In yet another blow to the burgeoning cryptocurrency market, it has been reported that Zaif, a Japanese digital currency exchange, has had $60 million stolen. Tech Bureau, the operator of Zaif exchange, said it was hacked on September 14. Thieves made off with assets worth ¥6.7 billion ($60 million), of which ¥4.5 billion was customer money. The attack [...]

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Data breaches are plaguing all industries globally, but some are more affected than others. This infographic looks at some of the differences, including how attractive payments-related data is to criminals targeting different sectors.

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In a new infographic looking at mobile fraud we can see: 58% of digital transactions now originate from mobile devices Mobile attacks are increasing, with one third of all fraud now targeting this channel The US saw a pronounced rise in mobile attack rates at 44% year-over-year, compared to 24% globally 85% of transactions on [...]

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Kaspersky Lab researchers have published a report on botnet activity in the first half of 2018, analysing more than 150 malware families and their modifications circulating through 600,000 botnets around the world. One of the most remarkable things uncovered by the research was growing international demand for multifunctional malware that is not designed for specific [...]

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In the last months it has been reported that 7,339 (and counting) individual e-commerce sites have been infested with the MagentoCore card skimmer malware in the last six months, making the malicious script one of the most successful payment card threats out there. The infections are part of a single effort, all tied back to [...]

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