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Pro-Russian Hackers warn of attacks on SWIFT and other European payment systems

Just days after hackers claimed to have targeted the inner workings of the European Investment Bank (EIB) – claims that have now been verified – hacking gangs KillnetAnonymous Sudan and REvil are threatening to launch a “destructive” attack against the whole of the European financial system, starting with the SWIFT network.

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Hackers warn of attacks on SWIFT

In a video the groups say they are hitting back at Europe for its role in helping Ukraine in the war with Russia at some point in the next 48 hours.

Security researchers say that while this prospect may appear far-fetched, financial institutions should be on “high alert” for some kind of an attack, as KillNet is known for its powerful distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

According to reports, KillNet’s leader says preparations are already underway and the attack will begin very soon.

Cyberknow, a threat-tracking page, also posted about the alleged upcoming attacks, adding that hackers from the three groups had joined together for this campaign. They believe their first will be to paralyze the SWIFT payment system, commonly used for international payments.

Additionally, Anonymous Sudan claimed the attack would be the “most powerful in the recent history of the world,” further warning that this would be something severe.

REvil is mentioned in the videos, but does not appear to be heavily involved. The individual in the video appears in typical anonymous style with requisite Guy Fawkes mask and cloaked voice.

“If God rules Russia then who rules Europe?” he asks. “That’s right! The banking system. No money, no weapons, no Kyiv regime,” implying a politically motivated attack targeting Europe for its involvement in the Ukraine war.


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