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Digital currencies, whether these are central-bank issued, price-stabilised cryptocurrencies (“stablecoins”), or non-stabilised cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, are poised to have an impact on the financial system. In recent months we... more

The post Davos and digital currencies – What world leaders think of cryptocurrency appeared first on Payments Cards & Mobile.

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Banking Circle has identified an issue affecting some financial institutions handling cross border transactions from the UK to the EU. It seems Brexit has caused a number of EU banks... more

The post Banking Circle identifies evidence of increased costs for EUR payments from UK as a result of Brexit appeared first on Payments Cards & Mobile.

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Difficult economic trading conditions and the challenger banks’ evolution of last year has sliced a share of the leading traditional banks’ brand value. The pandemic ushered in a new era... more

The post Top ten global banks lost $23 billion in brand value in 2020 appeared first on Payments Cards & Mobile.

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Most central banks are exploring central bank digital currency (CBDCs), and their work continues apace amid the Covid-19 pandemic. As a whole, central banks are moving into more advanced stages... more

The post Report: Results of the third BIS survey on central bank digital currency appeared first on Payments Cards & Mobile.

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Germany’s girocard remains on the road to success in a year defined by the COVID-19 pandemic, with almost 5.5 billion transactions in 2020, it reached a new high at the... more

The post girocard hits new highs in Germany as population moves to contactless payments appeared first on Payments Cards & Mobile.

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