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Online marketplaces may be the greatest business success story of the last twenty years. Perhaps the most well known are Amazon – revenue $477 billion last year, up 14% –... read more

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It’s been a year since every merchant across France, Germany, Italy and Spain — the EEA’s largest digital commerce markets — started complying with PSD2, but has enforcement reduced fraud... read more

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Open Banking got started back in 2018 thanks to ground-breaking regulations (PSD2), that gave consumers the right to access their bank account data using third parties called account information services providers... read more

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As the fourth anniversary of PSD2 comes and goes, it’s time to reflect on the success of some of its provisions. Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) was introduced across the EU... read more

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Remote and contactless payments popularity with consumers grew during the pandemic, which is prompting the need for a robust digital identity infrastructure in the Payments 4.X era.1 In the connected... read more

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