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As consumers become more aware of their personal data, its value and how it is used it has become a key concern. The latest APEX report reveals the key marketing challenges... more

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With recent questions over cyber security, cyber crimes and the security of online personal data, many people are becoming wary of how their online presence can endanger their finances, and even their mental and emotional health. Across all areas of digital technology, crime is evolving. Rapidly-changing technology forces scammers to change their tactics regularly. But [...]

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Research carried out by Callcredit Information Group and YouGov* has revealed that 48% of 18-24 year olds would not report an unsuccessful fraud attempt to their bank. More worryingly, 22% do not know who they would report the attempt to and a further 12% would not report the attempt to anyone. John Cannon, Director, Fraud [...]

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