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EBA CLEARING says that its RT1 platform has made considerable progress in building up pan-European instant payment reach across the French retail payments market: the system extends pan-European reach through... more

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EBA CLEARING says that banks from nine countries are preparing to join RT1, the Company’s pan-European infrastructure solution for instant payments in euro, on its go-live date in November 2017. This first group of RT1 users is currently completing the required testing for connecting to the platform. A list including most of these early joiners [...]

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EBA CLEARING announced the kick-off of the testing phase for its pan-European instant payment infrastructure platform scheduled to go live in November 2017. 28 of the funding institutions from all over Europe were represented at a meeting in Milan, which marked the start of the testing phase and included a demonstration of the functioning of the [...]

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The bank-owned provider of several key payments infrastructures in Europe, EBA Clearing, has launched an RFP for a technical solution provider. The RFP is the next phase in its offering of a pan-European infrastructure service for instant payments to payment service providers by 2018. Back in March 2015 it laid out the roadmap for its 20-strong taskforce [...]

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