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Since March 2020, consumer spending habits have changed significantly, and that includes the way we use our credit cards online. Almost immediately, fraudsters tapped into this and found new ways... read more

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Credit cards are becoming less profitable for banks even as lower-cost alternatives such as buy-now-pay-later schemes and digital wallets with a credit function are emerging. If credit cards are to... read more

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Research from Deloitte has warned credit card issuers they need to do more to encourage credit card use if credit products are to have a long term future, especially with... more

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In an unusual trend for a developed market, the number of credit card transactions in Canada has exceeded the number of debit purchase transactions for the first time since 1997,... more

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Credit cards continued to gain share against all other forms of payment in the US in 2015 according to the The Nilson Report, after measuring 11 methods of consumer payments in the US. “Our model measures the payment instruments consumers use to make Personal Consumption Expenditures calculated by the US Bureau of Economic Analysis,” explains David Robertson, publisher [...]

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