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Inside Test Tools 2014

Inside Test Tools 2014

PCM_Inside_TestTools_2014 CoverWith all the technological advances and changing consumer payment preferences impacting the payment industry, now more so than ever, payment networks, issuers, telcos, processors and other stakeholders are drastically trying to keep pace in delivering new consumer channel experiences to end users

But there is one area of the payment industry, always somewhat overlooked in importance, which plays a vital role in ensuring that these services are delivered seamlessly. The test tool sector is now finding itself coming to the fore, and gaining the recognition it deserves for its role in finding the bugs, resolving IT glitches and improving payment processes in a way that helps financial institutions, card manufacturers and others to roll out the cutting-edge payment services that consumers now expect as standard.

As the recent IT and ATM network outages at major banks have painfully illustrated, it only takes one incident to snowball into a brand-damaging PR nightmare which can destroy customer trust and loyalty in an instant. And now test tool providers are finally beginning to be acknowledged for their unsung role in helping to prevent such calamities. The past decade has seen the use of test tool solutions rise significantly in tandem with the growing worldwide move towards EMV, mobile payments and contactless, and now test tool providers are moving firmly into the spotlight.

In this supplement, produced in conjunction with test tool provider Clear2Pay, we explore how closely test tools are embedded in the payments industry and the role that they play supporting all of the sectors to enable innovation, safety and cost savings.

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