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AI4CYBER launches as EU wide cybersecurity research consortium

AI4CYBER launches as EU wide cybersecurity research consortium

The newly launched AI4CYBER Consortium will work on AI-based security solutions to ease the life of system developers and operators in managing robustness, resilience and response against sophisticated cybersecurity threats and offensive AI.

AI4CYBER launches cybersecurity consortium

Working with 11 international entities, CaixaBank was the brain behind the formation of a European research consortium to explore ways to improve cybersecurity by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and big data.

The AI4CYBER project is part of the Horizon Europe programme for research and innovation, funded by the European Union.

Over the next three years, AI4CYBER will study new ways of tackling cybersecurity challenges, focusing particularly on the opportunities and risks involved in applying AI.

The AI4CYBER consortium’s key objective is to design new cybersecurity services to help understand, detect and analyse cyberattacks, as well as prepare critical systems to withstand them.

Its results will be aimed at helping system developers and operators to effectively manage security, resilience, including their improved capacity to adapt to adverse situations with positive results, and a dynamic response to advanced cyberattacks.

As a result of CaixaBank’s participation, AI4CYBER’s developments will be tested in a real-life environment of a financial institution.

This will allow the participants to study the benefits of the new solutions in terms of incident response times and improve models for detecting anomalies in behavioural patterns.

CaixaBank will team up with Tecnaila, the University of Western Macedonia, Thales, Public Power Corporation, ITTI, Frontedart, Montimage, Hospital do Espírito Santo de Évora, Search-Lab, PDMFC and the European Organisation for Security to study on the project.


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