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The European Digital and Card Payment Yearbook is produced and published by Payments Cards & Mobile annually. It takes a year to collate, tabulate and review payments data from all corners of the European continent.

The finished product is the most up to date, comprehensive report covering 33 European countries.

The extensive number of statistical tables are updated to include the latest available data and a knowledgeable team with 100 collective years in the industry, analyse each local market to provide commentary and analysis for each market – a European overview document is also available.  

Our current edition of the Yearbook, published in January 2023, is based on end-2021 industry figures and contains 33 individual country reports and a brand new, pan-European overview to provide comparable data across the continent.

The format facilitates, in depth investigation into a particular market and also a general analysis of trends and opportunities in the whole region.

By buying The European Digital and Card Payment Yearbooks you will have access to everything there is to know about European payments in the 21st century and also the tools to project forward into the industry’s future.

For each European market, the topics covered are:

Market Overview:

Key statistics – and selected Key Performance Indicators


Payment landscape in each country

Legal framework for payment services

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 

eIDAS regulation and Digital ID Trends 

Biometric Authentication Services 

Regulatory Oversight:

An in-depth review of the governance and supporting bodies that regulate the Banking and Payments Industries per market.

Banking Sector:

Structure – domestic banks, size and ownership

International Expansion

Recent M&A Activity


Digital Challenger Banks 

Digital Banking 

About Open API Standards 

PSD2 and the Open Banking Mandate 

Payment Services:

Card Brands and Card Types

Contactless Cards and form-factors

NFC HCE versus Secure Elements: SIM SE NFC

Interchange Fee Arrangements

New Payment Service Pilots: QR-Codes, BLE, Biometrics


Digital Account-to-Account Payment Services

Advanced Payment Services – Online Wallets, Prepaid Products

Digital Payment Services including Digital Wallets

National/Domestic Card Details

Card Issuers – Overview

Card Processors and PSPs

Online Payment Service Processors (PSPs)

Acquiring and Acceptance

ATM Terminal Infrastructure, Contactless ATMs

Online Payments Mix Indicators

POS Terminal Infrastructure, Contactless and MPOS Terminals

Remote Internet Payments

E-/M-Commerce information and B2C E-Commerce Revenues

Mobile Payments - Overview

Mobile Payment Initiative Details

Central Bank Digital Currencies



Market size and Dynamics:

This section gives statistical tables (five years plus Y-o-Y growth - 5Y CAGR and forecasting column) for card numbers, card transactions by number and value, ATM withdrawals and POS payments. All tables include key performance indicators (KPIs) to provide added data and insight. This section also gives further detail on leading card issuers, consumer finance card issuing and international money transfers:

Card Products: Prepaid cards, Debit cards, Charge cards, Credit cards.

Card Issuing: Cards brands issued, Contactless cards, Issuer processors, Major issuers

Card Statistics: Card numbers, Card Use, POS Payments, ATM withdrawals.

Card Acquiring: Merchant processors, Major acquirers, Detailed acquirer table, ATMs, ATM networks, POS terminals, POS networks.

Fraud: Statistics and insights into fraud activity in market

E-Money: Statistics and insights into e-money in market

E-commerce: Statistics and insights into e-commerce use in market

M-commerce: Statistics and insights into m-commerce use in market

The Appendix:

This section lays out significant historical events per market in the banking sector from previous years and details former players in the market that had a significant impact on the market, including M&A activity.

New - European Regional Overview

The European Regional Overview provides a pan-European perspective on digital and card payments across all 33 countries of the European Yearbook. By amalgamating data from all the country reports, a dynamic picture of the continent’s payment landscape is laid out in comparative tables, giving five years’ worth of data (2017 – 2021) plus annual growth rate (GR 20/21), and compound annual growth rate (5-year CAGR) figures.

The redesigned European overview section of the Yearbooks edition 22-23 has a completely new structure. Beyond card payments, it now highlights three competing European payment ecosystems:

  • Card payment ecosystem - card based payment business and its infrastructure – including mobile payments
  • Open Banking payment ecosystem - card-less payments directly from bank accounts
  • Cash ecosystem - cash handling and digital currency innovations

The objective is to provide a European overview of card payments and card-less payments, having in mind the regulators’ view on digital payment services for the digital economy, the payment demands of consumers and merchants, and the emerging digital payment world. In addition, the cash ecosystem is briefly highlighted.

Having such a pan-European view on payment services and payment service providers in mind, the European overview sections comprise a basic introduction about the Yearbook, and six parts reflecting digital payment transformation trends. It analyses both the card payment business and the emerging Open Banking payment ecosystem.

About Payments in Europe

This part provides an introducing overview about payments in Europe and analyses different aspects of card payments, emerging card-less payments directly from bank accounts, and digital payment transformations:

  • Digital payments for the digital economy – Growth and KPIs
  • Regulators’ view, consumer demands, merchant demands
  • Legal framework for payment services in Europe
  • From PSD2 to regulatory technical standards and SEPA payment instruments
  • Competing payment ecosystems in Europe
  • Cash payment ecosystem
  • Card payment ecosystem
  • Open Banking payment ecosystem
  • Classification of cashless payment services in Europe
  • Types of payment service providers in Europe
  • Online payments in Europe
  • Mobile payments in Europe
  • About payment fraud in Europe
  • Outlook – Digital Payment Transformation
  • Outlook – Digital Payment Infrastructure

Further, this part highlights important payment service trends and digital technologies relevant for European payment businesses.

Card Payment Ecosystem

The objective of this section is to provide an overview of card payments and payment service providers in the European card payment ecosystem, which competes with card-less payments directly from bank accounts.

This part drills down into card payment infrastructures and card payment services in Europe:

  • About the card payment ecosystem in Europe
  • Card payment services in Europe
  • Card payment service providers in Europe
  • Card issuers, card acquirers, card processors, other related entities
  • International card schemes and Europe
  • Domestic card scheme transformation
  • Interchange fee arrangements in Europe
  • Digitalisation of card payments
  • About card fraud in Europe
  • Card payment service trends
  • Outlook – card payment Infrastructure

In this section of the European overview, the transformation and current situation of domestic processors, interbank organisations and domestic card schemes in Europe are highlighted in the new context as at end-2021. Additionally, an update is given on the overview of international card schemes.

Further, this part highlights important card market trends and digital technologies relevant for card payments. It also includes an outline of the evolution of the former interbank payment organisations and a summary of M&A activity among European card processors.

Open Banking Payment Ecosystem

The objective of this section is to provide a European overview of card-less payments and the emerging Open Banking payment ecosystem, which is complementary to the card business.

  • About Open Banking in Europe
  • The Open Banking payment ecosystem in Europe
  • Card-less payment services in Europe
  • Card-less payment service providers in Europe
  • Payment initiation service workflow
  • Account information service workflow
  • About digital payment fraud in Europe
  • Open Banking payment service trends
  • About Open APIs
  • Outlook – Digital payment transformation
  • Outlook – Open Banking payment infrastructure

Further, this part highlights important Open Banking market trends and digital technologies relevant for Open Banking payment business.

Card Payments – Market Size and Dynamics

Covering debit and credit cards across the European market including comparative tables of issued cards, number of payments per country, expenditure on cards by country and a variety of per capita figures.

Additionally, this part provides high-level background regarding:

  • About cards and digital card form factors
  • Regional summary: cards and payments in the E33 region showing the card market size
  • Detailed analysis of card use: debit cards, credit/delayed debit cards, KPIs per Capita, ATVs
  • Prepaid cards and electronic purse phase-out
  • Leading card issuers in Europe
  • Background: cards and EMV migration
  • Card fraud loss figures at a European level
  • Historic background of contactless cards

Card Acquiring and Acceptance

This section reviews card acquiring, the acquirer infrastructure in Europe, and selected comparative POS and ATM statistics.

The new legal frameworks for acquirer services, EC directives and new EC regulations with impact on European card business are highlighted.

Additionally, this section provides high-level background regarding:

  • Acquirer infrastructure in Europe
  • Challenges for card acquirers
  • Merchant demands for card acceptance services
  • Merchant service charges – abstract
  • EFTPOS terminal analysis, including MPOS/SoftPOS devices and cash-advances at retail outlets
  • ATM analysis, including ATM trends and ATM withdrawal fee arrangements
  • List of ATM networks.
  • Largest acquirers in Europe

Overview of European Banking

A discussion of retail banking trends in Western and Eastern Europe, including cross-border M&A activity, and a snapshot of the leading European banks. In addition, this section highlights notable digital banking trends and the role of European banks in digital cards and payments, both from a payments industry point of view:

  • European banks and digital banking trends
  • Mobile banking apps
  • Omnichannel self-service banking
  • Banks and digital wallets
  • Banks and digitalisation of payments
  • Banks embracing immediate/instant payments
  • European banks and Open Banking
  • European banks and digital card business
  • Digital cards and NFC technologies
  • Banks in Western Europe
  • Banks in Central and Eastern Europe



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