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Why DevOps jobs continue to be in demand

Why DevOps jobs continue to be in demand

Another week, another round of tech layoffs hit the headlines… but what does this really mean for tech workers on the ground? 

Why DevOps jobs continue to be in demand

While global restructuring has impacted every facet of the tech industry, there are a selection of roles that have been insulated from the resultant job cuts – writes Aoibhinn Mc Bride, Content Editor, Jobbio.

Among them is DevOps, which remains a crucial component in the running of most tech companies, whether they offer fintech products or social media platforms.

Couple that with the increased demand for automation, adoption of cloud computing, increasing demand for collaboration between IT and operational teams and a desire to reduce IT capital expenditure, and you can understand why the DevOps market is expected to grow 20% from 2023 to 2032 to the tune of $70 billion.

Difficulties within the sector

That being said, the chink in DevOps’ armour is that despite the increasing importance of DevOps engineers, there remains a skills shortage and 87% of employers are struggling to not only attract but retain top talent.

This correlates with recent data compiled by the European Software Skills Alliance (ESSA), which estimates that 97 million jobs globally may result from the emergence of digitisation and by 2025, 50% of all employees will need reskilling to cope with this demand.

“There is a shift to new kinds of developers, like full stack developers and low code developers, but the most important insight is that developers are becoming more and more part of the regular organisation instead of a separate entity. Soft skills and knowledge of the business are therefore increasingly important for developers to be able to function,” ESSA outlined.

The silver lining is that DevOps workers can not only pick and choose their employer, they can also dictate their employment terms when it comes to work location and flexibility around hours—52% of tech talent prefers a remote-first working model, and 46% said they would leave their current role if their employer stopped offering the flexibility to work remotely.

Making your move

The bottom line is this: whether you currently work in DevOps or want to pivot from another area of tech to a DevOps role, the area is ripe with opportunity.

And while technical skills are essential day-to-day, profession-related skills are also being recognised as hugely important.

These include agile skills, project skills, sustainability skills and ethical awareness, along with soft skills such as teamwork, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving and self-management.

So, if you’re ready to capitalise on the availability of DevOps roles that companies are recruiting for, the Payments Cards & Mobile Job Board is the perfect place to start your search. It features thousands of DevOps roles, like the three below.

DevOps Engineer, BT, London

In your role as DevOps Lead, you’ll work closely with customers and bring your deep technical expertise to bear on interesting and challenging problems. You will own and contribute to the delivery of specific components and tasks within projects, engage and foster relationships with the customer, suppliers, professional networks, and subject matter experts, and actively contribute to team knowledge sharing, mentoring and coaching. You should be self-driven, able to get to grips with new technology when needed, and demonstrate independent research and learning. In-depth technical knowledge of the Linux Operating System and experience of infrastructure-as-code tools/patterns and configuration management (e.g. Puppet, Ansible, Terraform or similar) is key. View more details about this opening here.

Lead DevOps Engineer, Capital on Tap, London

Capital on Tap is currently seeking a Lead DevOps Engineer to lead and mentor other engineers, helping them to grow and thrive. You will be a product and system evangelist, coaching and mentoring both the immediate team and the wider IT department on DevOps best practices. You will manage and run multiple environments, develop scripts, and bolster Infrastructure as Code (IaC). You will also be responsible for supporting and improving the end-user experience, delivering large, well-defined changes and projects by working alongside the engineering teams. You’ll need a year of experience as a DevOps team lead, experience with Kubernetes and Docker and securing a containerised architecture and experience in Azure DevOps, Octopus and other CI/CD tools. See the full job description here.

DevOps Engineer, Third Republic, London

Third Republic is working with a consultancy organisation going through a significant transformational change and as a result is hiring a DevOps Engineer to help. In this role you will be required to navigate the complexities and challenges of delivering digital technology into regulated, enterprise organisations, solve the biggest problems as part of your client’s transformation journey, and play an integral role in enabling the success of their digital transformation initiatives. Get more information about this exciting opportunity here.

Accelerate your career in DevOps by visiting the Payments Cards & Mobile Job Board today.

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