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UK software jobs in good health as salaries grow as much as 18%

UK software jobs in good health as salaries grow as much as 18%

From Meta’s self-imposed “year of efficiency” decimating its global workforce to Yahoo, Zoom, Amazon and Google reducing their employee numbers, and fintech and crypto startups and scale-ups taking stock, 2023 has been challenging for the tech industry.

UK software jobs in good health as salaries grow as much as 18%

UK software jobs in good health as salaries grow

Organisations continue to restructure and recalibrate after the flurry of hiring that took place during the pandemic. In fact, according to, 570 tech companies have laid off 168,918 staff globally this year, and this number continues to climb – writes Aoibhinn Mc Bride, Content Editor, Jobbio.

While you might think the headlines equate to a fragile job market for tech workers, the good news is that not all tech workers are being affected equally. The UK tech sector is weathering the redundancy storm thanks to skilled software developers continuing to be in high demand.

Safe bet

This is especially true for remote workers across Europe where specialised skill sets, particularly those that are applicable to machine learning, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity roles, continue to be highly sought out.

The other good news? Equilibrium is being restored across the job sector when it comes to pay scales. In 2022, salaries grew by up to 18% and UK engineering salaries increased by 8% year-on-year.

For tech workers hoping to capitalise on a robust job market, recent data shows that backend, full stack, and frontend engineers are the top three in-demand roles, in that order, compared to other software engineering roles.

Frontend engineering roles in particular are gaining pace: the overall number of job postings requiring a frontend engineer rose 3.5% in 2021 and 1% in 2022, compared to a 2.5% decrease for backend engineers and 7% drop for full stack engineers.

Ahead of the curve

Whether you’re already working as a software engineer or wish to make a move to a career in software development, technical ability continues to be the most important focus.

Research shows that applicants now need to do 15% better in a technical interview than they did in 2022 in order to get hired.

From a skills perspective, JavaScript-based skills, Redux and Typescript are the most in-demand, while Redux, the relatively new open-source library developed by Meta, has been found to be the most commonly used scale applications in front-end development.

Typescript, developed by Microsoft in the 2010s, is also staying the course, with software engineers receiving 1.43 more interview requests for proficiency in this programming language compared to the marketplace average.

It’s worth nothing that there is some differentiation between the technical skills required for in-office roles compared to remote roles. Redux is more in-demand for in-office roles, whereas React Native applies to a greater number of remote jobs.

Ready to make a move and secure a new role in software engineering? The Payments Cards & Mobile Job Board features thousands of listings in companies that are actively hiring, like the three below.

Frontend Developer, EVORA Global, London

Evora Global wants to make a difference to stop the negative effects of climate change and it is hiring a Frontend Developer who can combine the art of design with the art of programming. In this role, working primarily with React and JavaScript, you will bridge the gap between visual elements and server-side infrastructure, defining how the application looks and functions. Applicants should have a strong understanding of JavaScript, its quirks and workarounds, and experience using ReactJS, Redux, JavaScript module loaders, such as Require.js and AMD and web markup, including HTML5 and CSS3. Get more details here.

Senior Backend Engineer, Marshmallow, London

Marshmallow is a tech company making insurance more accessible and more affordable for as many people as possible. As a Senior Backend Engineer you will work on product builds from start to finish, solving lots of challenges and work alongside designers, data scientists, researchers and product managers within product teams. You will also participate in technical scoping, estimation and briefs. The ideal candidate will have five-plus years’ experience with Java 8+ and Spring, commercial experience with AWS and Terraform, and has worked in a high growth start-up environment. See the full job description here.

Fullstack Engineer, IBM, London

As a Fullstack Engineer you will work in one of IBM’s consulting client innovation centres to deliver deep technical and industry expertise to a wide range of public and private sector clients. You will participate in many aspects of the software development lifecycle, such as design, code implementation, testing, and support. You will create software that enables your clients’ hybrid-cloud and AI journeys, and will also work with the latest technologies to ensure the applications delivered are high performing, highly available, responsive, and maintainable. To apply you will need experience of Javascript, NodeJS and Automation. Knowledge of Java, Docker, Openshift, Camunda, Nginx, LUA Auth, ReactJS, KeystoneJS, MongoDB, OracleDB or Swagger is preferable. Apply for this role here.

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