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QR codes set to make a quantum leap in consumer popularity

QR codes set to make a quantum leap in consumer popularity

Of the many payment innovations to surface in the past 20 years, the QR code is enjoying a resurgence, having once been viewed as a failed marketing gimmick that became outdated before its time.

QR Code

QR codes set to make leap in consumer popularity

A decade ago, QR codes were largely found on direct mailouts, billboards, in-store shopping displays, and other printed materials. It was a technology in search of a digital use case, and smartphone penetration that was yet to be realised.

But as the Digital & Card Payment Yearbooks show, the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic has given the QR code a new lease of life, as banks, merchants and consumers scrambled to find contact-free alternatives to cash. In 2020, their usage jumped by 35% worldwide.

The flexibility of the QR code lends itself to various purposes outside of straightforward payment transactions.

They can be used for contactless deliveries, pickups, as loyalty and discount vouchers, bill payments, and increasingly, cash withdrawals from ATMs.

During 2020, several banks across Europe and Eurasia overhauled their ATM estates to allow customers to make Covid-secure and contact-free cash withdrawals by scanning a QR code on-screen with their mobile apps.

Banks in Turkey are enthusiastic proponents of deploying QR codes at ATMs, helping banks to increase the proportion of contactless payments overall.

For example, Yapi Kredi reported that in 2020, the ratio of money withdrawal and depositing with QR codes increased by 60% on average, whereas the ratio of money withdrawal with QR approached 30% of all withdrawals.

This resurgence in QR code usage is now spurring banks and FinTechs to look at how it can be adapted to even more interactive transactional touchpoints, as the lingering effects of the pandemic galvanise payment players to strengthen their contactless product and service offerings.

2021 looks set to be the year when QR codes captured public imagination.

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