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PayPal partners Google for deeper payments integration

Google has deepened its relationship with PayPal, making it easier to make mobile payments on premium apps and services (like the new YouTube Music, for example).

PayPal partners Google

PayPal partners Google for deeper payments integration

It’s been possible to attach your credit cards through Android Pay for a while now, but the PayPal collaboration means this will now be offered as a payment option as well.

Over the past few months, the combination of Google and PayPal have become a go-to service whenever you’re paying for something. Buying something in a store? You can use PayPal via Google Pay. Owe your friends money? You can use Venmo  owned by PayPal). Paying for Google services? That’s PayPal territory, too. As far as Google’s concerned, it’s essentially another bank account.

As of today, it only takes one PayPal log-in to link your account to Google services like Google Play, YouTube, Gmail, Google Store and Google Pay. PayPal announced this new feature in a press release. PayPal says that people who add their PayPal account to any one of Google’s services will be able to pay across the whole Google ecosystem.

Google does caveat that the Google-PayPal combo only works in places where “PayPal is offered as a payment method,” but we’re not sure why the company is hedging – unless some of Google’s services still don’t support Google’s own payment methods.

TheStreet also reported that PayPal is testing a Venmo debit card, which makes the online payment service even more like a traditional bank.

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