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Mastercard becomes a trusted provider of Digital ID in the UK

Mastercard announced it is now certified under the United Kingdom’s Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework (DIATF) as an Digital ID provider.

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Mastercard becomes Digital ID provider in the UK

Mastercard can now offer ID, its digital identity service, to organisations in the UK.

The ID app, which is available at the major mobile app stores, gives consumers more choice in how they prove their identity whether they’re starting a new job, making a purchase, renting a flat, or applying to university.

The app provides a strong security layer while delivering a safe and frictionless experience to the consumer, where they have complete control over their digital identity.

ID offers a highly secure end-to-end solution for creating, managing, and verifying identities digitally.

The service uses Mastercard’s global network and data privacy practices, keeping consumers in control of their data, so people can choose what information to provide, to whom, and when.


The DIATF sets the rules and standards to establish trust in digital identity solutions.

Certified organisations can work with each other, ensuring that digital attributes and identities are consistent and trusted. Providers conduct annual assessments to verify they meet DIATF requirements.

“Digital identity is one of the keys to vastly reducing fraud and improving consumers’ experiences,” says Sarah Clark, Senior Vice President, Digital Identity at Mastercard.

“The UK is at the forefront of giving people greater control in proving their identity easily and safely. By receiving certification in the UK, Mastercard can collaborate with the private and public sector to offer ID.”

Mastercard has been scaling ID globally since 2019, announcing several pilots and global partnerships with Samsung and Microsoft.

Over the past two years, Mastercard has also successfully partnered with Optus, one of the largest telecommunications companies in Australia, to provide ID to more than 600,000 of its customers.

Mastercard will continue to roll out ID in other regions, helping organisations worldwide build trust, reduce fraud, and improve the consumer experience.


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