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M2020: BPC and Ellipse partner on integrating EVC dynamic security code

M2020: BPC and Ellipse partner on integrating EVC dynamic security code

BPC has announced an enhanced partnership with Ellipse World (Ellipse).

The partnership will focus on bolstering security measures and privacy for customers by integrating EVC (Ellipse Verification Code), its dynamic card security code/CVV/CVC technology into BPC’s  SmartVista platform to provide EVC processing services.

     EVC dynamic security code

Ellipse is spearheading a revolution in payment cards with a unique and innovative solution to tackle Card-Not-Present fraud: the EVC All-In-One micromodule.

This battery-free EMV module is a drop-in replacement for payment cards, replacing the existing printed panel with a digital screen to transform traditional cards into full-fledged security devices.

Each time an in-person contact or contactless card transaction is initiated, the card generates and displays a new security code on the screen.

This changing security code eliminates fraudulent card-not-present transactions by effectively safeguarding  the card information from theft by malicious actors, and simultaneously reduces false declines by providing a trusted data point.

“Through leveraging and integrating existing EMV rails, we have developed a unique method to reducing financial fraud associated with e-commerce and card-not-present transactions.” says Cyril Lalo, founder and CEO of Ellipse.

“Through our partnership with BPC, we are empowering a greater number of financial institutions, businesses, and consumers to enhance their e-commerce journey with peace of mind and serenity.”

The partnership with Ellipse demonstrates BPC’s continued commitment to adopting market-leading payments technology, ushering in a new era for payment card capabilities.

Traditionally, payment cards heavily relied on a fixed security code (“static CVV/CVC”) for transaction verification or authentication.

However, through the integration of Ellipse’s ground-breaking EVC technology into SmartVista, BPC’s global clientele may now experience an unprecedented upgrade to their card portfolio.

This remarkable development marks a bold stride forward in the evolution of card security, ensuring a secure and convenient transaction environment for customers worldwide.

The EVC micromodule is the missing link between the physical and digital realms, instilling trust and confidence in cardholders when utilizing their cards for online transactions.

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