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Digital commerce in Asia Pacific recorded 113% growth in 2015

According to Euromonitor’s data, Asia Pacific continues to top the digital commerce in 2014 – 2015, with mobile retailing sales reaching $200 billion, an increase of 113%.

In 2015, the region’s top 500 retailers recorded total sales of $964 billion, declining by 5% in current value terms due to the strong dollar. However, Chinese companies continued dominating the list, accounting for 33% of the ranking, according to the 13th ‘Retail Asia Top 500 Retailers Ranking’.

“Asia became the leader in online and mobile commerce in 2013 – mobile retailing in the region is two and half times larger than that of North America, which is the second largest market for mobile retailing,” says Michelle Grant, Head of Retailing at Euromonitor International. “It is likely that more and more innovation in digital commerce will come from Asia Pacific,” she added.

Ranking highlights the increasing demand for convenience in Asia, driven by urbanization, smaller households and an on-demand culture. The Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam were the only countries to see all of their ranked retailers grow in 2015.

The Retail Asia Top 500 ranking, based on Euromonitor International’s retailing data, ranks the top retailers from 14 key economies across Asia Pacific in terms of total sales, number of outlets, sales area and sales per square metres.

The top 5 Asia Pacific retailers in 2015:

1. 7-Eleven (JP)
2. AEON, Daiei (JP)
3. Woolworths, Thomas Dux (AU)
4. Coles, Bi-Lo (AU)
5. CR Sugo, CR Vanguard Hypermarket, Tesco Legoun (CN)

2015 Retail Asia-Pacific Top 40

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