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Datacard Group Announces the ultimate platform for Intelligent Card Issuance

Datacard Group, the world leader in secure ID and card personalization solutions, today announced the enhancement of its Datacard MX Series Platform  for central card issuance programs worldwide with the introduction of the Datacard MX2100 and MX6100 card issuance systems.

“With more than 4,000 Datacard central issuance systems deployed globally producing financial cards and secure IDs, Datacard Group understands the changing demographics and requirements in the global markets,” said Dino Balafas, vice president, central issuance, for Datacard Group. “The importance of offering card issuers technologies and products that fit a wide range of needs is paramount, which is why we are committed to developing innovations within our product portfolio that help our customers protect their investments.”

Different from other central card issuance platforms on the market today, Datacard Group has designed its platform with true field modularity, giving card issuers the flexibility to start with functionality they need today, and then easily add capacity or capabilities as their business needs expand or system requirements change in the future.  With a wide range of systems and price points built on common technologies and software interfaces, the two new MX6100 and MX2100 systems join Datacard Group’s entry point product, the MX1100 system, to provide flexibility and ease-of-use for customers.

The MX2100 and MX6100 card issuance systems include advancements to both physical and logical security features, workload efficiency, and more streamlined smart card handling.  They also feature an innovative quality assurance module which systematically verifies both optical and electronic elements of each card that passes through the system. This automatic, inline capability helps reduce costly manual quality inspections and increases production efficiencies. 

“There are two very important enhancements our customers will now be able to take advantage of as a part of this platform,” added Balafas.  “The first one is our new quality assurance module, which is designed to provide in-line checking of accuracy on all personalized data placed onto a card; and the other feature is the increase in run-time efficiency, which will dramatically increase the number of small jobs that can be run in a day.”

The new MX Series Platform, including the quality assurance module, will be on display at CARTES Asia, Secure Connexions Event taking place on March 27th and 28th, 2013 in Hong Kong, stand #3E033.  Please visit us at the show to see a live demonstration.  

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