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Amazon expands Dash Button ordering service

One year since launch, Amazon has expanded its Dash Button automated IoT ordering service to more than 100 brands. These include various beverage, grocery, baby, pet and household supplies brands, such as Doritos, illy, Red Bull, Starbucks and Tide.

Designed to prevent users from running out of their favourite products, the Dash Button is a

Dash Button

Amazon expands Dash Button ordering service

small electronic device, which is configured to order a specific product and quantity via the user’s Amazon account.

The device is clearly branded with the product name and designed to be fixed near to where the product is used. Pressing the button sends a Wi-Fi signal to the Amazon Shopping app to automatically replenish supplies. The user also receives a message on their mobile phone and can cancel the order within a specific time window.

“Prime members are using dash Buttons at an increasing rate — over the last three months, Dash Button orders have grown by more than 75%. Customers are using Dash Buttons more than once a minute,” said Daniel Rausch, director of Amazon Dash.

It would be easy to be sceptical about automated replenishment services. The Internet of Things (IoT) seems to be inextricably — and inexplicably — linked to various concepts around the self-stocking refrigerator, when clearly the potential is much greater.

Consumers are loyal to the brands that add the most value and disrupt them the least. Consumer-facing technology brands, such as Amazon, have realised this. They are adept in understanding consumers as well as how to use technology to deliver speed, convenience, value and choice.

Amazon’s Dash Button saves users time and hassle, especially for bulk orders of oft-used supplies. They lock in loyalty to Amazon and the participating brands. And who’s to say that the next Dash Button won’t go beyond the one brand per Button, or be unbranded for users to programme themselves?

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