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Walmart Pay exceeding retailers expectations

At last week’s CONNECT Mobile Innovation Summit in Chicago, Walmart Services SVP Daniel Eckert revealed that Walmart Pay, the retailer’s proprietary mobile payment app, already boasts 20 million active users in the two months since its June launch across its 4,600 US stores.

The success seems to be attributed to the retailers focussing on creating a frictionless experience at the point

Walmart Pay launches in USA

Walmart Pay exceeding retailers expectations

of sale.

“The speed of customer expectation is as dramatic as I’ve ever seen. We set out to make an easy, seamless experience. It’s about saving stress, time, customer pain points. It’s not mobile payments for payments’ sake,” said Eckert.

Another key advantage for retail-centric solutions: With mobile payment platforms such as Walmart Pay being device-neutral, both iPhone and Android users can avail themselves of mobile payments without worrying whether the retail accepts the device’s proprietary payment solution.

So far, the investment seems to be paying off for Walmart; according to Eckert, 80% of Walmart Pay users are recommending the app, and nearly 90% are repeat users. That’s a great start – Walmart’s next task should be to leverage the app to build long-term, interactive relationships with their most valuable customers.

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