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Vodafone to setup global NFC mobile payments

Vodafone to setup global NFC mobile payments

Vodafone has selected Gemalto to provide and operate its global Trusted Service

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Vodafone selects Gemalto for NFC mobile payments TSM

Management (TSM) platform and deploy NFC mobile payments and other services.

This multi-year global contract will provide the foundation for secure and convenient ‘wave and pay’ contactless transactions via mobile phone, as well as for numerous new services that demand the highest levels of security and integrity.

“We are committed to partnering with the best suppliers to offer customers the speed, simplicity and convenience of managing everyday transactions with a single wave or tap of their smartphones,” says Christian Wirtz, Vodafone Group’s mCommerce Director.

“The consumer benefits of contactless payments are obvious and the industry in Europe is now at the beginning of rolling out a contactless infrastructure. The potential of mobile to transform existing industries – such as financial services, retail and transport- is enormous.”

Key elements of the end-to-end solution that is being integrated by Gemalto include the Allynis TSM service platform (a complete solution that ensures mobile payment end-to-end security encryption between financial institutions and mobile operators) and the company’s UpTeq NFC high-end card product.

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