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Tokenization management made simple for Banks offering mobile wallets

Issuing banks can now manage tokenization activity for the ‘OEM Pay’ mobile wallets through a single software platform, simplifying and consolidating integration with the multiple token service providers (TSPs) operated by third parties.

In response to the increasing complexity and fragmentation of the NFC mobile wallets ecosystem, Rambus Bell ID has launched Token Gateway. “Managing the expanding tokenization infrastructure is a significant challenge for issuers,” comments Dr. Martin Scott, senior vice president and general manager of the Rambus Security Division.


“As mobile payments roll out worldwide, banks are looking to give customers access to this technology by supporting a range of mobile wallet platforms. To do this, issuers need to connect to a number of the payment schemes’ own tokenization services, each with individual requirements, specifications and interfaces.

As well, specifications are updated regularly so banks are required to constantly maintain their systems to stay connected to the schemes; this takes time, investment and knowledge. With this solution, we have simplified the process.”

With the Token Gateway, banks can bypass integration challenges utilizing one platform. The solution eases connectivity to the schemes’ tokenization services so issuers can centrally support and manage the ‘OEM Pay’ wallets for all their account holders.

The Token Gateway is aligned with the latest requirements from the credit and debit schemes, ensuring banks are always up-to-date. Existing token service providers can also use the platform to offer gateway services to their bank clients, enabling a bank to interface with other token service providers.

“Short-term, banks’ integration projects and the schemes’ on-boarding processes just got quicker and simpler. Long-term, banks will not need to coordinate the update process, making the lifecycle management of the OEM Pays easier and cheaper,” explains Dr. Scott.


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