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Telefónica trials NFC mPOS

Telefonica Czech Republic is set to launch a trial of mobile point-of-sale devices aimed at small firms and entrepreneurs who previously were unable to accept credit cards.

The new device will connect to a NFC-based smartphone via Bluetooth and the user will ingenico ismp_w605enter a PIN into the attached device to authorise payment.

The device can accept payment not just from credit cards and contactless cards but also other NFC-based smartphones. That combination is, the operator says, a world first.

Payments terminal vendor Ingenico manufactured the device which is certified to handle MasterCard and Visa transactions. The device will carry the iSMP brand.

The operator is to start a trial of the device in September with a commercial launch planned for the beginning of 2014.

Clearing of card transactions will be handled by local bank CSOB which will provide payments that are credited to the retailer’s account.

So far it has been relatively rare for mobile operators to launch mPOS devices. Even rarer to take the kind of approach adopted here by Telefonica. More typically operators have launched a dongle product from a well-established player in the market.

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