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Resurs Bank roll-out electronic ID for signing digital credit agreements

Resurs Bank has signed a deal with electronic ID supplier Signicat to provide instant mobile signing of credit agreements. Resurs Bank is the leader in retail finance in the Nordic region with more than 1,000 retail partners, serving more than 35,000 stores.

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Resurs Bank roll-out electronic ID

Customers signing a credit agreement in stores served by Resurs Bank no longer have to sign physical paperwork – instead, they can sign using their eID and create a digital agreement. All paperwork is shared digitally, so in-store purchases of high value items requiring a credit agreement are therefore as fast, secure, and convenient as any online transaction.

The agreement is signed using a combination of Signicat Sign and an approved electronic ID (eID), such as BankID. The customer can easily accept the terms and conditions and sign using their mobile device.

A pilot programme in Sweden was an instant success, with 76% of customers choosing to sign credit agreements using Mobile BankID. The service has now been rolled out to all retailers served by Resurs Bank in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

“This technology means that traditional stores can better compete with their online rivals—while they offer superior customer service they need to combine this with the convenience of online shopping,” said Marcus Lennerhov, Product Manager at Resurs Bank. “The majority of our retail credit agreements are now signed digitally using a mobile device giving customers the security and ease they are used to online.”

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