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Postbank to trial Host Card Emulation

Postbank to trial Host Card Emulation

Germany’s Postbank is to run an internal pilot of an NFC mobile payments app operating in a Host Card Emulation environment.

Postbank employees participating in the project will be able to use their Android
image of HCE

Postbank to trial Host Card Emulation

smartphones at the checkout to make contactless payments with a tap of their phone at the cash register – according to press reports.

The technology, supplied by Worldline, includes the use of digital tokens and one-time keys to protect customer card data.

Wolf Kunisch, managing director for financial processing & software licensing at Worldline says: “The total market share of Android systems is approximately 82 percent of the smartphone market. With Worldline NFC Mobile Payments we offer banks a payment function they can provide their customers, with no need for a hardware Secure Element partner.”

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