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Omni-Channel Payments for Merchants: Myth or Reality?

Omni-Channel Payments for Merchants: Myth or Reality?

A new research report from ACI Worldwide and Payments Cards & Mobile.

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The path to growth will mean different things to different merchants, depending on where they are in their journey-and how and where they want to do business.

ACI collaborated with Payments Cards and Mobile to survey the retail industry and garner some insight into the level with which Omni-channel payments are pervasive among merchants. The survey also sought to understand what retailers want to see in terms of functionality from vendors, plus perspectives on security, fraud, payment ecosystem responsibilities, service delivery, and funding.

The results are published with commentary and additional insights in an ACI paper entitled, “Omni-Channel Payments for Merchants: Myth or Reality?”

Key insights:

  • 50% of merchants see themselves as technology followers
  • 29% of merchants have started or completed their Omni-Channel payments journey with 25% plan to launch their strategy within the next 12 months
  • Alternative payments, mobile and tokenization lead the way in desired Omni-Channel payments and tools
  • Incompatible systems, data integration and inability to track customers are the top challenges faced in omni-channel programs
  • More than half of merchant respondents don’t have a common set of fraud tools across all channels today with only 49% having a common set of payment security technologies across all channels
  • And more…

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