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New FIME tool qualified by EMVCo for Level 1 Testing

New FIME tool qualified by EMVCo for Level 1 Testing

FIME has completed its EMV Level 1 testing portfolio with the launch of EMVeriPOS. The new tool ensures that the communication between payment terminals and contact EMV chip cards is in line with EMVCo’s Level 1 Contact Protocol Specifications.

New FIME tool qualified by EMVCo

New FIME tool qualified by EMVCo

This enables terminal and mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) vendors in any market around the world to increase efficiency and reduce costs by validating their solution in advance of formal certification.

Developed in partnership with KEOLABS, EMVeriPOS features the latest hardware and FIME’s enhanced software interface to quickly and easily identify and resolve interoperability issues. It complements FIME’s existing EMVeriCard tool, laboratory services and workshops to provide vendors with a complete Level 1 contact testing offer.

“Vendors need to bring their products to market quickly and successfully to remain competitive,” comments Guillaume Labendzki, Vice President Marketing at FIME.

“Whether it’s EMV migration or new product development, it is important that products do not fail at the final certification. The scope of our EMV Level 1 test tools and services can’t be found elsewhere and gives vendors everything they need to achieve compliance in one-stop. This is why we are the implementation partner of choice for EMV projects around the world.”

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