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M2020 Live: ACI Worldwide launches Smart Engage

ACI Worldwide has launched ACI Smart Engage, a mobile engagement platform that enables merchants worldwide to serve up their inventory of goods and services directly to consumers’ smartphones using location, voice and image recognition technology.

ACI Worldwide launches Smart Engage

With the solution, geolocation coupled with scannable media and audio tags within TV, print and radio ads, posters, magazines, catalogues, window displays and more will enable consumers to instantly purchase items 24/7 with one click while on-the-go.

“With ACI Smart Engage, merchants can reach consumers through their smartphones no matter where they are and turn every interaction into an opportunity to sell,” said Debbie Guerra, head of merchant, ACI Worldwide.

“It combines the in-store and online experience for consumers by reaching them on their smartphones through various media, including supermarket labels, restaurant menus or window displays, and driving true m-commerce sales through embedded one-click payments.”

Merchants can add Smart Engage to their existing mobile application using the SDK APIs.

As consumers spend more time on their mobile phones, it allows merchants to proactively create a seamless connection with consumers to their brand and drive sales.

“Consumers are reaching for their smartphones to make informed buying decisions more than ever before. With Smart Engage, we enable merchants to reach those consumers at the right time, when they are most likely to make a purchase and then help them complete the purchase with a single click,” continues Guerra.

“It fosters direct engagement between merchants and their customers.”


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