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ICA Banken goes contactless with Oberthur

Oberthur Technologies, a global digital security solutions specialist, and Sweden’s ICA Banken have announced the launch of the first dual interface contactless payment cards in Sweden.

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ICA and Oberthur are teaming up for contactless cards in Sweden

ICA Banken and Oberthur will distribute 500,000 cards to ICA Banken customers in the coming months. The Swedish group will take advantage of OT’s expertise in dual interface NFC migrations and capacity to produce and personalise locally a large number of cards in a limited period of time.

“We are delighted that ICA Banken chose Oberthur as their partner to launch the first dual interface NFC cards in Sweden. It is a breakthrough in the Swedish market and we are excited to be part of this major contactless project,” said Eric Duforest, managing director of the payment business unit at Oberthur.

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