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Hang Seng Bank strengthen mobile payment ecosystem in HK

Hang Seng Bank is to join forces with mobile operators including HKT to strengthen the mobile payment ecosystem and offer customers the convenience of NFC to tap and pay for small value transactions.

A picture of NFC enabled SIM's

Hang Seng Bank strengthens mobile payment ecosystem in HK

HKT is building upon the installed base of advanced NFC SIM it has been deploying since H2 of 2013, having progressively equipped its subscribers with Multi-tenant NFC SIMs.

The secure software client embedded in the advanced NFC SIM cards connects into Hong Kong’s TSM trust infrastructure for rapid mass deployment of multiple contactless services even after the card has been issued to end users.

To pay with their mobile device, customers just download the mobile payment application on their phone and activate the service. Mobile payments are already available at over 3,000 merchant outlets in Hong Kong, including convenience stores, supermarkets, fast food chains, cinemas and more.

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