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EE bringing ‘Cash on Tap’ NFC to UK

EE – currently the UK’s only 4G carrier, unveiled that it will be bringing NFC payment capability to its pay monthly customers with a service it’s calling ‘Cash on Tap’.

4GEE customers with either a Samsung Galaxy S4Sony Xperia SP or Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE will soon be able to make contactless payments via NFC at one of over 230,000 outlets across the UK including Boots, Greggs and McDonald’s, with the company stating that more handsets will be added to the compatibility list soon. The new service is the result of a partnership with MasterCard.

The service which will work with the addition of the ‘Cash on Tap’ mobile app, will allow mobile payment with a tap on any compatible reader and accommodate transactions up to the value of £20. The app displays a transaction history; multiple cards tied to the service and can alternatively serve as an online payment system if desired.

EE is offering new users up to £10 of prepaid credit when they sign up for Cash on Tap; £5 for activating the app and an additional £5 for adding money from any UK credit or debit card. Users will then be able to make NFC-based payments, even if their device is switched off, so long as it has battery.

From a security aspect, it’s also worth mentioning that a password or PIN can be set for both the account and for individual transactions to ensure that accidental payments aren’t possible.

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