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DeviceFidelity provides Isis ready NFC iphone cases

DeviceFidelity provides Isis ready NFC iphone cases

DeviceFidelity,  a provider of plug and play mobile Near Field Communication (NFC) and

An Iphone with an ISIS NFC cover on it and an American Express card

DeviceFidelity Technology expands the availability of mobile payments and Near Field Communication capabilities to iPhone.

security solutions, says that its Isis Ready NFC iPhone cases are available online, and will be available in AT&T company owned retail locations starting on January 31.

DeviceFidelity’s patented NFC technology and software is now available to all iPhone users through a choice of Isis Ready cases and the accompanying Isis Mobile Wallet iOS app.

DeviceFidelity’s iPhone platform is the world’s first NFC platform to be fully certified for iOS devices by Isis and major payment brands including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

“DeviceFidelity’s technology and software will now make it possible for iPhone users to tap to pay with the Isis Mobile Wallet,” comments Amitaabh Malhotra, Chief Operating Officer of DeviceFidelity.

“Enabling the Isis Mobile Wallet on iPhone is the next step in ensuring safer, more secure transactions, in the hands of all consumers nationwide. Bringing this service to iPhone users is a huge step in the right direction.”

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