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Citi, Fidelity and Mint develop apps for Apple Watch

Citi, Fidelity and Mint have developed apps designed for the new Apple Watch, which will be released next month.

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The new Apple Watch goes on sale next month

Citi’s app enables users to see their current and savings account balances, credit card balances, and receive detailed information about their five most recent transaction and notifications of payment due dates.

Mint’s app enables consumers to view monthly spending goals and track their progress, as well as receive updates. The Fidelity Mobile app for Apple Watch gives customers an overview of global markets and alerts on stocks and investments in real-time right on their wrist.

The watch, available for pre-order from 10 April, allows users to set up payment cards on the watch by opening the Watch app on their iPhone and taking a photo to capture the card’s details. At the POS, consumers double tap the watch’s button and can then swipe through their cards before paying with a wrist gesture wrist near the contactless reader.

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