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BLIK Q2: 300 million transactions in one quarter

BLIK Q2: 300 million transactions in one quarter

In Q2 2022, BLIK users completed 292 million transactions worth PLN 38.7 billion (€8.14 billion).

At that time, the number of payments in traditional payment terminals was growing the fastest – there were 55.3 million of them – which means an increase of as much as 182% year-on-year.

The constantly increasing interest in BLIK contactless payments had a significant impact on the result obtained in the assessed period. Between April and June, users completed 15.4 million transactions of this type.

In the analysed period, there was also a significant increase in the number of people who regularly use BLIK – at the end of H1 2022, over 11.3 million customers were actively paying with it, i.e. 41% more than a year earlier.

During Q2 2022, BLIK users completed nearly 300 million transactions. This is as much as 66% more than a year earlier. Their total value increased by 61% year-on-year up to PLN 38.7 billion.

At the end of June 2022, BLIK was actively and regularly used by 11.3 million people – 3.3 million more than the year before.

Since the inception of the BLIK system, its users have completed over 2 billion transactions, of which over half a billion took place in H1 2022, which shows the scale of BLIK’s popularity in Poland.

BLIK with a strong advantage in e-commerce

Of all BLIK transactions, over 57% are those made in e-commerce. In the quarter under review, customers paid 167.4 million times for online purchases – over a third more than in the corresponding period of 2021.

Between April and June, the value of online transactions reached PLN 20.9 billion compared to 14.5 billion a year earlier. The average value of a single online purchase in the second quarter of 2022 was PLN 125.

BLIK remains an unrivalled payment method in e-commerce. From Q4 2018, it is ahead of cards in terms of the number of transactions made in this channel.

Polish e-commerce users pay with it much more often – according to the data of the National Bank of Poland.

At the end of March 2022, the number of BLIK transactions was higher than the number of card transactions by as much as 218%.

The popularity of the Polish mobile payment system in global e-commerce is constantly growing.

Recently, all European customers of Stripe, a platform that provides financial infrastructure for business, were given access to use BLIK to accept online payments without the need for additional integration.

1 in 5 BLIK transactions are transfers to phones

The number of transfers to BLIK phones is also growing dynamically from quarter to quarter.

Between April and June this year, users made as many as 57.2 million such transactions – 124% more than a year earlier.

It is worth noting that P2P payments currently account for nearly 20% of all BLIK operations.

Their value in the second quarter reached the level of PLN 6.7 billion (140% more than the year before), while the average value of a transfer to a BLIK telephone was PLN 125 (in Q2 2021 it was PLN 118).

POS channel has spectacular growth

Between April and June, transactions in traditional payment terminals were very popular among BLIK users. During this period, Poles paid 55.3 million times in this way.

It is worth noting that more than a quarter of these operations were BLIK contactless payments.

At the end of June, their number amounted to 15.4 million – by 450% and 79% more, respectively, compared to Q4 2021 and Q1 of this year.

1.2 million people have already activated the service since it was made available.

Contactless payments with each subsequent month have an increasing share in all transactions carried out with BLIK.

In Q2 of this year a stable increase in ATM cash withdrawals was also observed.

In the analysed period, 12.3 million transactions were made in ATMs. The number of deposits and withdrawals increased by 35% year-on-year.

Their value reached PLN 8.3 billion, and the average single transaction was PLN 671.

The share of operations performed at ATMs in relation to the total number of operations at the end of June this year was 4.2% of all BLIK transactions.

Daily number of transactions up sharply

Not only is the number of transactions systematically growing, but also their value.

In Q2 2022, Poles made an average of 3.2 million BLIK transactions a day. For comparison – in the same period last year it was 1.9 million (an increase of 68%).

Almost 4.5 million transactions were recorded on the best day of the quarter. The average amount of a BLIK operation in this period was PLN 132.


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