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Barclays reveals launch of Apple Pay in UK

Barclays reveals launch of Apple Pay in UK

Barclays, has revealed that it will support Apple Pay from March. The bank been the only major financial institution in the UK that had not announced its support for apple’s mobile payments.

Customers at Barclays were the only ones with accounts at a large bank in the UK that didn’t have the NFC


Barclays reveals launch of Apple Pay in UK

technology based mobile payments from Apple Pay available to them. The service first became available last year in July, but the bank chose not to support those contactless payments for its iPhone carrying customers. However, the bank has now inadvertently provided confirmation that it will be arriving in March.

Ashok Vaswani, the CEO of Barclays, replied to an impatient customer’s email on January 12, giving confirmation that it would become possible to use an iPhone to complete mobile payments transactions within “60 to 75 days” of that time. That slip was all it took to provide a solid idea of when Apple’s mobile wallet would become available to customers of the bank as that is the only wallet app that is supported by the iPhone.

If Vaswani’s range of dates is accurate, it will mean that the iPhone’s mobile wallet will become available to Barclays customers at some point between March 13 and March 28. Still, despite the slip, the bank has yet to actually issue an official confirmation of the dates.

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