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Barclaycard contactless mobile payments for Android phones

Barclaycard contactless mobile payments for Android phones

Barclaycard has become the first to launch ‘pay by mobile’ on Android by expanding the functionality of its mobile app to include contactless mobile payments and real-time replacement for lost or stolen cards.

From November, the UK’s leading credit card provider will introduce a contactless mobile

Barclaycard contactless mobile payments for Android phones

Barclaycard contactless mobile payments for Android phones

payments feature to its existing customer app that will transform NFC-enabled Android phones[i] into a way of making ‘touch and go’ payments at over 300,000 locations in the UK, as well as across the London transport network.

Barclaycard customers using this new feature in the app will be able to make mobile contactless payments for transactions up to £30 with just a touch of their device and, for the first time, will also be able to make high-value contactless payments of up to £100 by entering their PIN on their mobile device.

Activating the contactless functionality in the Barclaycard app takes less than a minute and after that payment can be made without needing to open an app, enter a PIN or verify with a fingerprint. The new feature will be the easiest and quickest way to make contactless payments using a mobile phone in the market.

Just over 40% of UK smartphones are now NFC-enabled, with the proportion expected to rise to 85% by 2019.[ii]


Users of the contactless mobile payments function will be asked periodically to log in to the app to confirm their identity. They will also have the option of turning on PIN protection for payments up to £30 – it will be a requirement for all payments over £30 and up to £100. All mobile payments will come with the same fraud protection that applies to contactless cards.

The amount that UK consumers are spending using contactless has risen 150% in the last 12 months and the number of transactions is up 134%, Barclaycard research shows. The continued growth in usage underlines its leading role in developing and progressing the technology, having introduced it into the UK in 2007.



[i] Requires an Android phone running the Kit Kat 4.4.2 operating system or later.

[ii] Source: Juniper Research ‘NFC Mobile Payments: Apple Pay, Host Card Emulation & SIM Based Opportunities & Forecasts 2014-2019’


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