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Barclaycard bpay contactless wristbands offer data mining

Barclaycard bpay contactless wristbands offer data mining

Barclaycard, which recently laumched ‘bPay’ contactless wristbands, is offering businesses customer behavioural data mined from the wearable devices. Barclaycard will begin a full roll-out of bPay bands next year, allowing users who link their credit and debit cards to make low-value payments at over 300,000 locations in the UK.

Barclaycard bpay

Barclaycard bpay wristbands will capture customer data

Barclaycard has joined forces with customer relationship management (CRM) specialists Green 4 Solutions in order to offer experiential activities, such as social media check-ins, competitions and loyalty activity, at sports and events venues. The data captured from such activities will be aimed at helping venues grow loyalty and boost revenues through a single tool for merchandise, corporate facilities and food and drinks.

Mike Saunders, MD, digital consumer payments, Barclaycard, says: “Wearable payment devices are becoming increasingly popular as they’re a fast, secure and easy way to pay. Consumers tell us they want more than one function from their wearables; payment capability is just one ingredient, there are a wide range of potential applications – access, loyalty, branding, affiliation and recognition.

“We can help sports clubs access new data sources to gain valuable insights into their customers’ behaviour by providing an integrated payment and ticketing solution. This will help venues looking to understand their customers better, grow loyalty and maximise revenues through a joined-up approach to technology.”

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