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Banque de France successfully pilots post-quantum security technologies

Banque de France successfully pilots post-quantum security technologies

The Banque de France has successfully concluded an experimental project to test the implementation of a communication security solution using so-called “post-quantum” algorithms, that are resistant to the computing power of future quantum computers which, within a few years, threaten to make it possible to break the keys used by today algorithms.


Banque de France pilots post-quantum security 

Carried out by its open innovation centre “the LAB”, the experimentation consisted in implementing, in a completely operational chain, a library of “quantum robust” algorithms, selected among the ones issued from the NIST call for contributions, combined with present ones, for totally secured data exchanges.

The Banque de France was supported on this project from by the start-up Cryptonext Security, through the product they developed, their mastery of algorithms integration in innovative solutions and its assistance in deploying the solution within its technical infrastructures.

The Banque de France was therefore able to prove the capacity of these post-quantum algorithms to integrate into its information system in a hybrid logic, in accordance with the recommendations of the French and international information security authorities, allowing a flexible evolution towards future data security standards.

This experiment allows the Banque de France to progress in acquiring control over the integration of this “quantum resistant” technology into its information system and is part of its approach to defining a response strategy to the quantum threat if and when it becomes clearer.

“Through the successful implementation of post-quantum algorithms, the Banque de France demonstrates its ability to master new encryption technologies to stay state of the art in the security of its communications in the face of the security risks that quantum computing could pose in the future,” says Valérie Fasquelle, Deputy General Director of the Banque de France DGIS .


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