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Anonymous continues its war on Russia and hack central bank

Anonymous continues its war on Russia and hack central bank

Anonymous, the hacker collective, is claiming it has hacked the Central Bank of Russia to access sensitive documents within the bank.

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Anonymous hack Russian central bank

The hackers, who have been targeting Russian assets since the invasion of Ukraine began, claims to have compromised the systems of the Central Bank of Russia and stolen 35,000 files, which they say they will leak in 48 hours.

Anonymous recently declared war on all companies that decided to continue to operate in Russia by paying taxes to the Russian government.

Nestlè is one of the companies that is still operating in Russia after the invasion and Anonymous first threatened the company then hacked it.

This week, the group of hacktivists announced they have hacked Nestlè and leaked 10 GB of sensitive data, including company emails, passwords, and data related to business customers.

The group leaked a sample of data containing more than 50K Nestlé business customers.

Anonymous has also conducted cyber raids on the likes of Russia’s media regulator Roskomnadzor and Russian intelligence and security service FSB, leaking thousands of classified documents to expose the details of Putin’s plans to conquer Ukraine and undermine the Kremlin’s domestic propaganda drive.

The hack on the central bank comes as speculation has mounted in recent days over the future of central bank head Elvira Nabiullina.

She was photographed looking dejected at a Kremlin meeting and posted a cryptic video, in which she acknowledged the Russian economy was in an ‘extreme’ situation and said, “We all very much would have liked this not to have happened.”

But Vladimir Putin this week asked parliament to nominate her for another term, apparently scotching rumours she could resign in protest at the war.


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