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Anonymous begins dump of hacked Russian Central Bank data

Anonymous is reported to be publishing a large amount of data which it claims belongs to the Central Bank of Russia (CBR).

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Anonymous begins dump of hacked Central Bank 

The release comes after the collective announced it had hacked Russia’s central bank earlier this month, a claim that was denied by the monetary authority in Moscow.

The international hacking group is currently in the midst of a full scale ‘cyber war’ with Vladimir Putin and his government over their invasion of Ukraine.

And now, it has started leaking emails from a Russian construction company, Rostproekt.

In a tweet, an account going by the handle @DepaixPorteur said they had set up a new website where all the latest information would be dropped.

The post read: “We are #Anonymous. We have created a new site to host our upcoming leaks + future Anonymous leaks.

We also hacked Rostproekt emails as a treat to celebrate the new site & to hold you over while waiting for the upcoming dump(s).”

A group affiliated with the hacktivists, identified by the Twitter handle @Thblckrbbtworld (The Black Rabbit World), announced it leaked the 28GB of data obtained from the CBR. Another Twitter account associated with the hackers, @YourAnonTV (Anonymous TV), confirmed the news.

Last week, Anonymous said it had hacked the CBR and vowed to release more than 35,000 files within the next 48 hours.

According to the statement, they contain some of the regulator’s “secret agreements” among other documents. Bank of Russia rejected the claim insisting that none of its information systems had been hacked.

The latest move by Anonymous comes after it declared a cyberwar on the Russian Federation over its decision to invade Ukraine.

The group threatened to disrupt Russia’s internet, targeted the websites of the Kremlin, the State Duma, and the Defence Ministry as well as state-run television channels such as Russia Today (RT) and some streaming platforms.

The CBR’s documents have been distributed to various online points, the hacking group noted, adding it will share them through different links if the ones it has provided are censored.

According to a post by the BBC Russian Service, quoted by Forklog, in the files are hundreds of audit reports and information on bank owners.

Speaking to International Business Times, Anonymous offered access to some of the emails, with the group telling the publication that ‘one guy did say he might’ve found malware sent to FSB agents’.

Discussing the upcoming dump that it promises will “blow Russia away”, Anonymous said it will be freely available in ‘the next 1-2 weeks’.

And if you’re wondering why it’s taking a bit of time to get it all out, Anonymous said that’s because there’s a serious amount to get through. 1.22 terabytes of data, to be exact.


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