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A cashless future? CNN speaks with Payments Cards & Mobile

Payments Cards & Mobile is one of the featured contributors to a new CNN article examining new cashless payment technology including contactless cards and mobile payments.


CNN spoke with PCM about cashless payments

The article, which is part of CNN’s ‘Future Finance’ series, looks at how new ways of paying and spending are leading to a rise in cashless transactions. The area that’s currently seeing the biggest traction in retail purchases is contactless cards and NFC. Last year, a report by Juniper Research said that 249 million cards will be used for contactless payments in 2014, driven by rising adoption in countries like the UK, Australia, Canada and Poland. In the UK alone, spending via contactless payment cards hit £109.2 million last March, up three times compared to a year ago.

“We’re starting to see a proliferation of point of sales terminals and contactless cards deployed,” says Alex Rolfe, managing director of Payments Cards & Mobile. “That in itself is going to be a critical driver for the next stage,” he adds, “which is mobile contactless payments.”

The full article can be found here.

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